2017 The Boat Races

2017 The Boat Races Logo
Link: https://allsportdb.com/Events/2017-The-Boat-Races-4285
Year: 2017
Sport: Rowing
Competition: The Boat Races
Dates: 2017.04.02 – 2017.04.02
Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boat_Races_2017
URL: http://theboatraces.org
United Kingdom United Kingdom London

2017 European Synchronised Swimming Champions Cup

2017 European Synchronised Swimming Champions Cup Logo
Link: https://allsportdb.com/Events/2017-European-Synchronised-Swimming-Champions-Cup-4284
Year: 2017
Sport: Synchronised Swimming
Competition: European Synchronised Swimming Champions Cup
Dates: 2017.05.12 – 2017.05.14
URL: http://www.len.eu/?cat=34
Belarus Belarus Minsk